This unwoven realm, not far,
not near,nor in between,
not revealed, not hidden,
not solid, not insubstantial,
not words, not silence
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Welcome to the audio website of Christopher Titmuss

This website contains:

  • Audio Library with dharma talks, guided meditation, poetry, inquiries book extracts.
  • Book list and extracts.
  • Photographs of sangha: dharma events, international retreats and photos of Christopher as a Buddhist monk and teacher.
  • Christopher's Dharma Blog (click here)

The intention behind this website is to make teachings primarily available on a donation basis. Christopher lives totally on donations. There is no organisation funding his work. He relies upon the sangha of dharma friends around the world to support his dharma teachings.

In the most noble spirit of the Buddhist tradition, this website offers teachings as a dana. Dana means donation or act of generosity. We do not make a charge for downloading audio files from our website. We do greatly appreciate dana that you offer to support the costs of running the website.

Only when you order a CD there is a fixed charge to cover production and delivery. Dharma talks, usually around 40 minutes to 60 minutes in length, and the one-to-one Dharma inquiry, are listed on the site from 2005 onwards. The site contains information on how to order.

See top corner of this home page for related websites.

May the contents of the website contribute to clarity, insight and wisdom in daily life,


Click link below to see 42 Audio Podcasts of Christopher’s Dharma Teachings for free download

Clink link below to see 110 Dharma talks of Christopher for free download

Length of Dharma talks generally range from 40 minutes to one hour.





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